Cherai Beach

Cherai Beach is picturesque beach located on the north end of Vypeen Island. This island is one among the several tiny islands that are located just off the shore of the mainland, around 25 km from Kochi. Vypeen island can be reached by both land or by boat. This 15 km long stretch of beautiful sandy beach is lined by luscious green coconut groves and paddy fields. The combination of white sand, blue water, and green vegetation makes this a wonderful place for . In fact, this beautiful spot is extremely popular with picnickers as well as sun worshippers and beach lovers. The beach is accessible all the year round, but the monsoons months from June to September should be avoided. An annual tourist fair held here in the month of December is also a prime attraction.


Have a streak of wild in you? No worries, we got you! There a range of water sports to choose from right at the beach that will give you thrilling ride along the waves of the ocean. All water sports are performed under professional guidance with all safety measures in place. Since we want your safety, we recommend all water activities to be done with a life jacket.


Want to venture into calm and peaceful backwaters? Want a ride the waves on a speedboat? Want to experience the local country boat? We offer them all. Boat ride along the backwaters while the ride into ocean and country boat ride are on request and subject to availability. Since we want your safety, all our water activities are done with a life jacket.