Waves Restaurant

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Sometimes, a memory triggers when you taste a certain food or smell an aroma…we want that at Maliekal Heritance. Our waterfront multi-cuisine restaurant – Our Waves invites you to enjoy a delicious meal while looking out to see the beautiful sunset.

Overlooking the beach, our restaurant offers a wide variety of delicious dishes to choose from including continental, oriental and traditional Kerala cuisine. Easily seating 60 pax, the restaurant also has an outdoor dining area. Well protected from the sun with strategically placed umbrellas, the outdoor dining option is good choice if you want to enjoy a cozy meal with your partner.

Our chefs are culinary masterminds constantly innovating to outdo themselves with some unique and exclusive dishes with some of the freshest seafood catches of the day. We believe to enjoy good food, you need to share it with your beloved ones, so we are generous in portion sizes and hearty in our flavours.

Liked one of our dishes? We’ll let you in on the secret and on request even teach it to you. Our evenings at the restaurant are perfect to enjoy a candle lit dinner with your partner and reminisce memories and create new ones. 

When it comes to food, we ensure that all our dishes are prepared with the freshest and best quality ingredients that not just adds to the flavour but makes it stand out. When you leave our restaurant, we want you to leave a piece of your heart with us and take a taste of our flavours with you.