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Ayurveda Menu


60 minutes
This detoxifying treatment is delivered by choice of one or two therapist using warm medicated oil to stimulate circulation & relieve tension on the physical & mental levels. This treatment commences with a head massage.


60 minutes
Customarily used to treat stress related disorders, shirodhara is the method of pouring warm medicated oil on the forehead. This is said to open the third eye, to absorb cosmic energy. On a physical level it is said to aid the healing of headache, migraine, insomnia & sinusitis, leaving you relaxed.


45 minutes
Inspired by the centuries old Ayurveda tradition, this massage is performed by two therapists, one to assist and the other to gently apply the spice poultice. This poultice helps in relieving pain when applied to the body & is prepared using wild spices & hand-picked forest herbs infused with medicated oil. Experience improved mobility & increase flexibility post the massage


30 minutes
A quick stress buster -the trigger points on the head are stimulated to induce relaxation. This treatment uses the finest Ksheerabala.


60 minutes
In this therapy about 4to S liters of lukewarm medicated oils elected according to body constitution is poured onto your body and light massage is administered. It tones up the skin, nourishes the muscles and nervous tissues and eliminates metabolic waste through skin. It relieves rheumatic and joint pains. It also detoxifies and purifies the body


45 minutes
Specially prepared warm herbal oil is poured over the lower back and retained inside an herbal paste boundary. The healing properties of herbal oils used for this massage deeply cleanses and enrich the blood, build and maintain strong muscle and connective tissues and lubricate the joints keeping them flexible and pain free. Kati vasti alleviates lower back pain and spinal disorders.


45 minutes
Special therapy which clears all channels overhead. Relieves from stress and headaches, Improves sleep and provide proper relaxation.


1hr. 15 minutes I
Ayurveda Detoxification Programme
This package includes ‘Sneha karma’, full body massage followed by massage with roasted Ayurvedic herbs packaged into a muslin bag (Elakizhi). Relieves joint pain, back pain, stiffness, eliminates the toxins through perspiration and provides nourishment to deeper cells.


1hr. 15 minutes
Ayurveda Powder Massage
This package starts with foot ritual followed by gentle head massage accompanied by deep pressurized massage with roasted medicated and powdered Ayurvedic drugs. Improves deep circulation, reduces water retention, fat deposition, skin sagging and makes the body firm and fit.


1hr. 30 minutes
Skin & Body Care

This package starts with whole body massage with special skin care Ayurvedic oil and followed by massage cereal Njavara rice cooked milk and Ayurvedic decoction (Njavara Kizhi). Improves muscle strength, complexion, tones skin, improves metabolism, vitality and overall vigor.

Express Wellness Menu


1hr., 30 minutes
Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Programme
This package starts with foot ritual followed by full body medicated oil massage and then accompanied by herbal massage with roasted medicated herbs bag massage and ends with Shirodhara Gives complete rejuvenation of mind and body, removes toxins through perspiration, improves blood circulation, reduces joint pains, back ache.


1hr. 30 minutes
Ayurvedic Beauty Care Programme
This package includes a full body scrubbing with herbal scrubbers which peel out the dead skin, and the accompanied body massage and an Herbal face pack. Helps to improves blood circulation, complexion, and special herbal pack tones the skin and reduces the ageing process


1hr. 15 minutes
Ayurveda De-stress Programme
This unique package comprises traditional whole body massage with ‘shiro dhara’ -dripping of Lukewarm fluid on the forehead in a rhythmic manner accompanied by gentle head massage. Improves blood circulation to brain, soothes neurons, reduces tension, insomnia(sleeplessness), blood pressure and calms mind and body.

Ayurvedic Facials Menu


60 minutes | Floral
The aroma oil blended flower powders are used for this facial. Relaxation of facial muscle and helps in glowing skin


60 minutes | Herbal
Ayurvedic Medicinal powders are used for this facial. Reduces wrinkles, dark spots and sun tan.


1 hr. 15 minutes
A ‘Kunkuma Eladhi’ Oil face massage followed by a ‘Nalpamaradhi oil massage and steam. A cleanser using ‘Njavara’ is done before scrub with staranise ‘and ‘red sandal’ mix which is followed by another scrub using oats and honey mix and a honey mix pack for 10mts. Finally, an Ayurveda pack prepared using ‘red sandal mix and ‘eladhi mix is applied.

Body Massages Menu


90 minutes
An uplifting oil blend, incorporated with Parijat (A floral extract from the Himalaya’s) to provide a soothing experience. This as an integration of sports massage and Thai acupressure techniques that are very effective in working on deep tissue. Recommended only for those who require deep bodywork to undo muscles knotsand dissolve fibrous tissue


Boost your energy levels and re-energize your body with the classic Swedish massage that uses rejuvenating seasonal blend of oils to provide a firm and deeply relaxing and healing experience. We recommend it for its effectiveness in relieving muscle soreness and stimulating overall blood circulation.


60 minutes
This ritual is a light relaxing massage using fragrant plant extracts to work softly on the skin and nerve endings with special concentration on stress nodes, back and shoulders


60 minutes
A combination of Dry and Oil Massage, Includes gentle stretching, skin rolling, compressions, Palm and Thumb pressure on the energy lines. It stimulates the blood, lymph flow and also induces deep relaxation.


45 minutes
One of the fastest ways to relieve your fatigue. It works on the foot reflex point which helps to induce relaxation, stimulate all the internal organs and glands


30 minutes
This therapy based on ancient Indian healing science uses the knowledge that a flexible and tension free back is the back bone for bodily alignment. Melt into total relaxation as our expert therapists dissolve the tension stored in the muscles of the back and leave you feeling energized and refreshed.

Body Polishes Menu


30 minutes
A gentle and natural moisturizing body polish made from Sandal wood, is both anti-septic and cooling. Sandalwood is combined with high mineral organic cane sugar to create this unique body polish


30 minutes
Re-invigorate the senses with this exfoliation ritual. This therapy captures the mystery of the ancient Arabic coffee where cooling lentil powder is used to temper the heat of handpicked finely ground aromatic coffee. You will instantly feel the increased circulation and the smoothness of the skin.


30 minutes
This traditional Ayurvedic detoxifying body scrub activates your body’s nature of healing mechanism, its work to improve the appearance of cellulite by reducing water retention & improving the elimination process.

Body Wraps Menu


60 minutes
Protein rich lentil mixture with coffee flavor is applied on the body after skin polishing that removes surface pollutants. Effective in firming and toning sluggish, sallow skin.


60 minutes
A body wrap using marine algae, marine minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients, This treatment stimulates circulation, increases the metabolism & relieves aches and pains. Excellent for general well-being & total relaxation


60 minutes
A body wrap using organic sandalwood, that effective in soften, soothe and repairer mature or sun-damaged skin.

Facials Menu


60 minutes
This facial reduced inflammation and controls excess oil for acne prone skin. The targeted facial is non-comedogenic and helps you to repair damaged skin by fastening the cell regeneration process and reducing the scars.


60 minutes
Enjoy this unique facial, which will help to revitalizes your skin and recuperate from daily stresses. The active ingredients of these facial combat fine lines, ageing at the cellular level.


60 minutes
This intensive facial incorporates black cohosh, asparagus extracts, as well as vitamin C derivatives for a gentle smoothing and brightening effect. Ideal for tired looking skin and pigmentation marks.

Five Exciting Ritual Packages


1 hr. 45 minutes

Foot Ritual, Sandalwood Body Polish, Abhyanga Massage.

Nourishing and sustaining like Mother Earth, this energy grounds the senses and balances the mind, beginning with a sweet sandalwood body polish, your body and mind are then prepared for a profound relaxation experience followed by Abhyanga massage and Shirodhara.


3 hr. 30 minutes

Foot Ritual, Indian Head Massage, Signature therapy & Customize Facial.

A detoxifying massage which incorporates the use of plant extracts,followed by a one-hour facial, it ensures you present your best to the world.


3 hr, 30 minutes

Foot Ritual, Abhyanga Massage, De-toxifying Ayurvedic Body Polish & Shirodhara.

A meditative and contemplative package of life enhancement therapy and a massage to impart whole mind and body relaxation. The treatment will ensure complete muscles relaxation and help you the unlimited reservoir of energy stored in the subconscious mind. Leaving you in a state of pure bliss.


1 hr, 45 minutes

Foot Ritual, Aroma Massage, Marine Algae body wrap

A calming combination of water treatments using marine based ingredients. The revitalizing marine body wrap and hydrating facial ensure holistic wellbeing, to leave your body feeling hydrated.


2 hr, 30 minutes

Foot ritual, choice of body wrap, Javanese royal bodywork, head Massage.

Aromatic jasmine, used in Indian temples complements the Javanese royal body work and choice of body wrap which stimulate energy flow throughout the body, thereby positively impacting your full body wellness.