Paliam Nallukettu

No longer occupied, this classical structure in the ‘Nallukettu’ style of architecture was built by an elder member of the family in the year 1786, for the women and minor boys of Paliam. It has a big courtyard at the centre with rooms

Paravur Jewish Synagogue

The building is located in the former Jewish Street of the Paravur region serving as the place of worship for the Jewish community that settled very close to the Paravur Market. The complex comprises of two buildings.

Kottakavu Church

The Kottakavu church is said to be one of the seven churches founded by St. Thomas during 52 AD. It is also known as ‘Valiyapally'(big church), indicating that it was a mother church. In the 19th century, due to the lack of space.

Kodungalloor Bhagavathi Temple

The temple is located about 1.5 km southeast of the bus stand. It is assumed that an idol of ‘Kannaki’, a deity of the temple was installed about 1800 years ago by Cheran Chenkuttuvan of the Chera dynasty.

Cheraman Juma Masjid

The Cheraman Masjid is said to be the very first mosque in India, built in 629 AD by Malik lbn Dinar. Scholars are of the opinion that an old Buddha temple was gifted to the early Muslims to establish the mosque.

Marthoma Pontifical Shrine

Marthoma Pontifical Shrine This modern shrine honors St.Thomas the Apostle who is believed to have landed in Maliankara in AD.52. The shrine is set in a semi circle with the church in the centre flanked by statues of the saints.

Munambam Beach

Munambam Beach is among the quaint spots that adorn the northern tip of Vypeen Island, situated near the Munambam Fishing Harbour in Ernakulam district. One has a plethora of beautiful vantage points around the area.

Pallipuram Church

Pallipuram church was built by the Portuguese in 1507 and houses an exquisite picture of Ave Mary positioned above the altar that originated in Portugal. Surprisingly the church survived the Dutch slaughter of Catholics.

Gowreeswaram Temple

Gowreeswaram Temple, Hindu pilgrimage centre The Gowreeswaram temple is an important Hindu pilgrimage centre in Kerala built in 1912. It was dedicated to the Hindu god Murugan, the god of war.

Paddy Fields Around Cherai

The emerald green fields are cultivated below sea level amidst a charming pastoral environment. These waterlogged fields tend to be single crop areas, mostly rice. However, following the harvest, paddy fields.